The Best Hair Salon for extensions in Newbury


Hair extensions are a fabulous way of adding length, weight and thickness to your style.

Designed for the impatient, you can change your whole style AND colour, all in one day without waiting for your hair to grow to your desired length.


Choosing a hair supplier is REALLY tough - and we've been through a few over the years.

It's important that the quality of the hair is superb, of course, and most suppliers get this right sometimes.  The problem with most, though, is consistency.

Easilocks have consistently delivered the very best quality of hair extensions and have been our preferred supplier since 2014.


We've been fitting hair extensions longer than any other salon in Newbury and pride ourselves on the very highest standards of hair and fitting.

Our crystal-clear pricing means there are no unpleasant surprises.



  • Any colour services must be carried out no less than 48 hours before application
  • We will wash, dry and straighten your hair on the day of application
  • If you have a solid baseline to your current style, this may need thinning to ensure a natural blend with the hair extensions


  • Fitting for a full head of extensions will take in excess of 3 hours - please ensure you have enough time
  • Following fitting your extensions will be blended into a basic shape
  • The first wash and blow-dry is complimentary and any extra cutting will be carried out with your choice of stylist


  • Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after fitting
  • Try not to wash your hair more than twice a week - extra washing can soften the bonds leading to shedding
  • Your hair should be thoroughly brushed daily from the root in sections using a soft bristle brush
  • Only use shampoo recommended for hair extensions
  • Occasional use of clarifying shampoo to remove excess product or oils is recommended
  • Always use a recommended conditioner to prevent matting and tangling
  • As extensions do not receive the natural oils from your scalp they will respond well to leave-in conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends only
  • Hair should be put into a loose plait for sleeping to prevent tangling and knotting


  • It is not advisable to colour hair extensions
  • It is not possible to colour between the individual bonds but colour can be applied to the top area and hairline


  • You should plan on coming to the salon for a maintenance appointment once a month and definitely no less than every six weeks
  • During a maintenance visit we will reapply any extensions that have shed and reposition the microrings closer to the root
  • Microrings can be repositioned twice before new rings will need fitting


  • Please do not attempt to remove the hair extensions yourself
  • Removal by a trained technician will minimise the risk of damage to the extension or your natural hair
  • Removal without reapplication is charged at £60 including a wash and blow-dry after